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Table of Contents

 Foreword (Reproduced on this website)

 Part One


 1.  The Playing Field
Sometimes the Fix Is In
 2.   Dementia Americana
The Murder of Stanford White
 3.   Undesirable Citizens
 The Murder Trial of Big Bill Haywood
 4.   Showdown With the Supreme Court

        The Contempt Trial of Sheriff Joseph Shipp

 5.   Labor V. Capital Redux
The Los Angeles Times Bombing Case
 6.   Murder Begets Murder
The Tragic Deaths of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank
The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti
 8.   Leopold and Loeb
 Murder for the Thrill of It
 9.   The Scopes monkey trial
The Staged Battle of Evolution v. Creationism
10.  Even A Black Man’s Home Is His Castle
Pyrrhic Victory in the Sweet Murder Trials
11.  Southern Justice Revisited
The Railroading of the Scottsboro Boys
12.  The Explosive Massie Affair
 Truth Battles Raw Power
13.  National Frenzy
The Lindbergh Baby Killing
14.  Shameless Haste
The Rosenberg Espionage Trial
15.  Death of Innocence
Hate Crimes and the Civil Rights Movement
16.  Beyond Civil Rights
 Other Movement Cases

 Part Two

 1.   Free Huey Now!
 2.   The Panthers’ Roots
 3.   Takin’ Care of Business
 4.   The Defense Team
 5.   Who Do You Trust?
 6.   Honkies For Huey
 7.   The Smell of Revolution
 8.   Client or Comrade
 9.   Power to the People
10.  The Quest for a Jury of His Peers
11.  A Minority of One
12.  On Trial — Newton or America?
13.  The Day of Reckoning Arrives
14.  Aftermath

 Part Three

1.    The “Free Huey” Campaign
2.    Eclipsed The Chicago 7 Trial
3.    Visions of Race War The Manson Trial
4.    Triple Jeopardy—Black, Female, and Communist
       (The Angela Davis Trial)
5.    Watergate Overshadows THE COBRA
       (The SLA and Patti Hearst Trials)
6.    Downward Spiral
7.    A Closer Look At The Competition
8.    The PRECARIOUS Path to a Bi-racial President