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What Spell-Bound Audience Members Have to Say:

“Using ‘trials of the century’ Judge Pearlman weaves history into compelling illustrations of theinsidious role bias has played in our justice system. Her program at our law library received all excellent reviews from highly entertained attendees. We have asked Judge Pearlman to repeat it later in the year.”
—Mark Estes, Executive Director, Alameda County Law Library

“Judge Pearlman breathes life into historical topics that remain highly relevant today. Her well-researched content on a full span of 20th century trials — many of which involve laborrelated cases — reminds us of the enduring nature of the underlying social and economic issues that they raise.”
—Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

“Judge Pearlman is my new favorite local author to showcase at AAMLO events. I can’t wait to invite her back.” Veda Silva, African American Museum & Library of Oakland (“AAMLO”) “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I endured pouring rain on a Saturday afternoon to attend her book party. I wound up very impressed. Lise Pearlman has a natural gift of connecting with her audience. She breathes life into the players in great trials of the past, revealing broad command of details in explaining their historical and present day significance.”
—Rob Trodella, Partner Jones Day, San Francisco

“In a society seemingly obsessed with celebrity, Pearlman’s fast-paced, gripping, and nuanced talk on the 20th century history of the ‘celebrity’ trial strikes a chord. Anyone interested in history, sensationalism, or criminal justice should attend this stimulating talk and read this book. This work is a momentous achievement.”
—Torrence Thomas, Executive Director, Yale Club of Washington DC